come here

i'm such a good girl..that's what the adults always tell me.

it could just be a lie

the other kids tell me i'm disgusting...i'm a freak..i'm sickening..why do they hate me? what did i do?

do they know what they're talking about?

it's my body isn't it? of course.
it's like they know..they know what it looks like underneath my clothes. disgusting.

i wish i could be loved. i wish i deserved to be loved
should i be sorry instead?

i want to be what they want me to be. i want to be good enough for everyone.

oh it's sick isn't it? to want to be desired. please hate me more. that's what i should have. that's what i should feel. hate me and make me feel pain. hate me and make me feel pain. hate me. hate me.

they tell me they'll beat me but they don't.

kill me, cowards.