there was never a time i didn't know that everything I liked was wrong. every tv show. every book. i knew it was wrong to like celebrities, so i didn't. you fucking sheep. I knew it was wrong to like characters. if i watched a show a lot it was because i had a crush on a character on the show. don't you you thirsty little whore? XDXDXD

all my music was wrong. if other kids liked it it was stupid. you just want all their feelings. you don't need that.

you'll look back on it and laugh. what a silly little thing. oh honey, how embarassing

oh to be innocent again!

to have that body back..mmm

don't we all wish that?

be grateful. you're so spoiled. you don't know anything about the world.

there no such thing as "harassment" XXDD bullying? drama. drama. oh they're like that aren't they..can't you work this out? how frustrating for us

panic attacks? don't be a little attention whore. stop crying. you're not getting special treatment by weeping, honey XD you're being disruptive. do you want detention again?

when will they start believing me. or start caring that I'm telling the truth? when do i get to feel? when do my experiences become real?

why do you need anyone's approval? just be yourself :) why do you have such low self esteem? That's something you need to work on. no one will want you if you don't insist on staying "broken". don't be one of those people.

you? how could you be anybody's ""star""

sit the fuck down

you follow them around


you follow them around like a little puppy :)

they're my friends..


just like a puppy


well, you shouldn't have given him the wrong idea