so you're not going to understand my true emotions from looking at me, are you?

i don't make eye contact like normal people, so you won't believe me.

yeah well I don't trust people's faces either.

it's like we speak a different lanuague with our eyes

that's the kind of thing i would say to you, if you wanted to look at me

because i say a lot

when i'm silent

it's all true even if you can't tell


well i'm just going to tell you about me. and you can close your eyes.

antenna antenna

When no one was there to teach me, I acted alone.

When no one was there to hear me, I cried alone.

When you weren't with me, I loved alone.

Before love, I had hate.

Before hate, I had weakness.

Today I am strong.

Without the weak, I wouldn't know it.

If I can't cause fear I have to hold it in myself.

When no one was there to hurt, I hurt alone.

Lead me. Guide me. Walk beside me. Help me find a way. Teach me all that I must do, to