um there's no easy way to say this..uh

i'd love to touch you. if you let me. they tell us not to, you know? but it would be so wonderful

(also, i know how)

you wouldn't regret it

i promise

i can see the way he looks at you and it's disgusting to think of him touching you the way i want to

what a terrible choice you could make with him..

you would regret it.. i know.

everyone would be so mad.. and i would be mad also

please. listen

do you really trust adults to know what's right and wrong?

if they were really so smart they would be happier

we could be happy together


oh real slow, you know? yeah.. it's all right.


kiss my lips

we'll both just not tell anyone.

no one needs to know anyway, right?

they get mad at everything i do

trust me?

narcissistic personality disorder is a personality disorder
characterized by a long-term pattern
of exaggerated feelings of self-importance
an excessive need for admiration
and a lack of empathy toward other people
people with narcissistic personality disorder spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about
achieving power.